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DESIGNER AND HOST - Relish Culinary Tours

Annie Sibonney is a passionate gastronomad, gourmand who has traveled the globe in pursuit of culinary treasures and indulgent experiences. Born to French-Moroccan parents and based out of culturally rich Toronto, Annie’s love and appreciation for the traditions of world cuisine draws on her heritage. Her cooking adventures began at the age of 4 when she would sidle up to her mother as she prepared lavish Moroccan meals for the extended family -- delicate lamb-filled pastry cigars and whole sea bass with North African spices and preserved lemon. A culinary legacy that taught her the art of cooking and how to use simple, yet pristine ingredients and loving technique to create extraordinary dishes. While completing her degrees in Hispanic Studies and Spanish-English Translation from York University, she opened Flavours, a catering company that specialized in creating dishes inspired from her journeys and experiences abroad, using ingredients and flavour profiles significant to a particular country or culture, doused with innovative and creative touches.

Her fluency in 5 languages, including Spanish has enabled Annie to communicate her love of food as she has journeyed through some of the richest gastronomic capitals of the world -- Morocco, France, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Peru and Mexico.

In recent years, Annie has focused much of her attention to Spain and to uncovering its hidden culinary gems and some of the most sought-after, and exclusive gastronomic experiences in the world today. She is an expert on Spanish regional and haute cuisine and has eaten her way through both Spain and Italy, in search of the most memorable meals and etherial culinary pleasures, forging relationships and friendships along the way, with world-renowned chefs, food critics and historians, wine makers and artisans, all strongly rooted in a shared love and passion for living indulgently through memorable food, wine, travel, great friends and culturally rich experiences. These relationships enable her to provide incredible behind-closed-door access to the most exclusive culinary venues in Spain, the lives and hearts of each chef, and of course, their unique stories.

Annie Sibonney has been the designer and host of Relish Culinary Tours experiences since 2007. These exclusive, fully arranged, escorted gastronomic excursions to Spain and Italy, is a unique offering of Helen Thompson Travel, a respected 35-year old Toronto travel company. These premiere culinary tours are available for private groups and individuals with the focus being on remarkable social and cultural venues, and behind-closed-door experiences, bringing together Annie's incredible love for food and wine, indulgent travel and cultural riches for those as hungry for adventure as she is.

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